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Criminal DUI Penalties

Los Angeles Criminal DUI Penalties

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has there own system for penalizing those that are caught for Criminal DUI Penalties.

Criminal DUI Penalties

The California DMV is the State’s governing authority on the license to drive.

As a result, the DMV has the right to grant the privilege to drive as well as take it away if a driver seems to be unfit or a threat to other motorists and property.

  1. The DMV conducts their own hearing in determining whether a person should receive a restriction or suspension on their driving license as a result of an arrest for driving under the influence.
  2. The DMV conducts their own hearing which is based on evidence attained by the arresting officer, usually the same evidence that would be used in the criminal matter.

However, a DMV Hearing Officer could potentially come to a different conclusion than the criminal court.

The standard DUI penalty for a drunk driving conviction may fall in the existing range: For DMV Penalties for Driving Under the Influence

  1. First Offense: 4-month suspension 1-year suspension
  2. Second Offense: 1-year suspension 2-year suspension
  3. Third Offense: 3-year suspension 3-year suspension
  4. Fourth Offense: 4-year suspension` 4-year suspension

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